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Welcome to Davie Heating & Air. If you're remodeling, building a new home, or just need to replace your old inefficient system, you can depend on Davie for quality products and reliable service year after year.

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The new hot topic is "going green". We find the most efficient appliances, cars, home, windows, and electronics.

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                              We now offer Duct Leakage Testing

The Minneapolis Duct Blaster is a calibrated air flow measurement system designed to test and document the air tightness of forced air duct systems in both houses and light commercial buildings. The Duct Blaster fan is connected directly to the duct system in a house, typically at a central return, or at the air handler cabinet. With the remaining registers and grilles temporarily taped off, duct air tightness is measured by either pressurizing or depressurizing the duct system and precisely measuring the fan flow and duct pressure.

Duct air tightness measurements are used to diagnose and demonstrate leakage problems, estimate efficiency losses from duct leakage, and certify compliance with duct leakage standards.

Call for more information on duct leak testing or building air tightness testing.

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We are a home town company who takes pride in quality workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. This business has been and will always be built one customer at a time.

Davie Heating and Air Conditioning supplies and installs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment for both residential and commercial operations.  In addition, we have a service division to support all installations.  With an on-site metal shop, fully equipped trucks,  trained technicians, we provide the best service available to you.  


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